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My Seat At The Table

I am sitting in a swanky boardroom with windows surrounding the walls. With the push of a button, shades drop down from the ceiling blocking the sun and a large projector screen appears at the front of the room. I watch as chair after chair is filled with body after...

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I Think I Am Not Enough

I think my biggest struggle is being secure in who I am.  It’s easy to think: I’m not pretty enough; I’m not skinny enough; or I’m not smart enough.  The world is a cruel place, and people can be harsh.  I tend to take things personally, which is not a very good...

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Prodigal Me

I was really inclined to be truthful and direct in sharing my story as I do with all my writing; in particular with Women’s Voice as I strongly believe in the key tag line; you can’t be what you can’t see. A wise man once said “Where there is no vision,...

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